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Grobi AS was founded in 1985 and has been developing and producing custom-designed grinding equipment installations for shipyards and offshore- and steelwork industry since 1994.

Our grinding equipment provides excellent results in edge-finishing and radiusing while remaining environmentally friendly and economical.

Grobi AS have developed and delivered grinding systems to all the major offshore industries in Norway. 

In the later years there have also been delivered grinding systems to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and USA.

The systems contain besides of grinding processes,  –transport and material managing.

The Grobi company is in their niche a leading supplier of equipment for high productivity, better working environment and operating reliability.

Grobi’s processes are patented worldwide.


Grobi AS, NO-2831 RAUFOSS, Norway
phone: +47 61 16 05 10  *  fax: +47 61 16 05 11  *  e-mail: grobi@grobi.no  *  web: www.grobi.no